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Motivational Speaker and Humorist – Jewell M. Kutzer

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Jewell M. Kutzer is a Motivational Humorist who instantly captures the hearts and minds of her audience. Jewell grew up in the same small Blue Ridge mountain town as Andy Griffith, who translated his memories of their town into the fictional Mayberry in the beloved television series.

 As the Mayberry Momma™ (an original character drawn from TV's Aunt Bee and Jewell's real Aunt Bea,) Jewell has audiences alternately spellbound and screaming with laughter. Using clean, original humor, and drawing on the deep-rooted values of her southern upbringing, Jewell delivers an ethics message that is both entertaining and effective.
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Secrets of the Mayberry Momma™
A High–energy, Humorous Look at America's Favorite Hometown

In 1940's housedress, with apron and attitude, Jewell is transformed into the Mayberry Momma, dispensing southern humor and wisdom for good living. Sharing heartwarming stories of growing up with Andy Griffith, the Mayberry Momma epitomizes the down-home values she and Andy grew up with. In addition, she shares a wealth of inside information on the crafting of The Andy Griffith Show and secrets of the cast members. Audience interaction, contests and prizes.
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Doin' the Right Thing
Beyond the Rule Book – How Does Your Stomach Feel About It?

Ethics in business is a hot-button issue today. But the topic need not be dull and plodding. With a soft southern drawl, and a twinkle in her eye, Jewell both challenges and delights her audiences as she reinforces time–tested recipes for success. With a spoonful of North Carolina honey to make the medicine go down, Jewell makes "doin' the right thing" seem as natural as breathing. Guaranteed to be an entertaining look at ethics that will produce changes in attitudes and behaviors.
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